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National Youth Collective

The ReThinkSport youth collective will play a vital role in helping shape the future of youth sport in Canada and ensuring that youth voices are front and centre in everything we do. Collective members serve as youth ambassadors for the project, and offer input to all phases of research and to the board of directors on issues important to youth, while also sharing valuable insight on the issues impacting Canadian youth more broadly. 

As a member of the ReThinkSport National Youth collective, you'll be doing things like:

  • Sharing your creative and innovative ideas about the future of youth sport and the issues that impact participation 

  • Provide a youth voice while advising the research phases on current issues surrounding race, dis(ability), gender, body image, indigenenity, and social class 

  • Provide recommendations to the larger team

  • Serve as an ambassador for rethinksport as requested 

  • Connect with other youth advisories groups across the country 

  • Engage and Co-create in outreach, knowledge translation campaigns, programs etc. 

You should apply if you are someone who:

  • Is committed to change in the youth sporting culture in Canada and passionate about sport equity

  • Loves connecting with others, and working as a team

  • Wants to develop skills in creative thinking, advocacy, critical thinking, research, communications, leadership etc 

  • Have leadership experience or potential and are motivated to be a voice for your peers.

  • You are willing to take initiative and represent youth perspectives in discussions and decision-making processes.

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